Kelly Reynolds is a multi-faceted designer and producer. She’s always learning, applying, and iterating.

Educated in interior design and architecture, she found her way from styling environments to people’s ideas.

hello ROBERTSON was a company she founded around making individuals feel something more, better, different, special. After selling the company, she took the knowledge she acquired and applied it working with the team at Coach doing product design.

Passion for helping others lead her to found and lead the team at 100cameras.org as the Operations & Creative Director. Her unique lense drive to make the company successful lead to some strategic thinking forming partnerships with Samsung, Whole Foods Market, others around experiences to complement the project. She found that producing, showcasing, and documenting the experience of discovery, awe, excitement and surprise within the context of 100cameras could also be done with brands on non-traditional projects.

Different. Taking that approach, she set out and is now leading business development at Grandesigna creative solutions’ company that specializes in making brands stand out through innovative design, strategy, and branding.

To contact Kelly, email her at k [at] itskelly [dot] com

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